Yogen Früz

It's all about Ü
Yogen Früz
Yogen Früz
It's all about Ü
It's all about Ü
Cuisine: Dessert & Drinks

Yogen Früz hails from Ontario in Canada, and was founded in 1986. Today, it has a presence around the world through its international chain of ice cream parlours. Yogen Früz is a popular frozen yoghurt brand, and is the largest franchisor of frozen yoghurt worldwide. They offer a huge variety of yoghurt flavours, some of which are rotated on a regular basis. There’s also a ton of toppings to choose from; these include fruits, chocolate, nuts, and much more! Yogen Früz outlets are simple and minimalistic—from the furniture to the walls to the lighting. On the other hand, there is bright blue and pink deco all around as those are the official colours.

  • Halal
  • Wifi Available
  • Valet Parking Not Available
  • Smoking Facilities Available
  • Vegetarian Dishes Available
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Yogen Früz @ Dataran Jelatek Review
Iz Fruz, Iz Gud

I just went to try out of curiosity, and to my surprise, the froyo here is surprisingly good. I know there are plenty of other brands out there, but don't overlook these guys. They've been around since 1986 if I'm not mistaken (overseas, not here). I had the french vanilla and some chocolate. The texture is different than what I'm used to, but it's better. Overall, I'd recommend others to try these out, if you're a fan of froyo. Prices are a little cheaper than their competitors too.

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Yogen Früz @ Bangi Review

The nicest taste ever,perfect blend of your favourite fruits and frozen yogurt.my choice would be tropical storm

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Yogen Früz @ Kota Damansara Review
yummy yoghurt!

Frozen yoghurt with toppings is my 2nd favourite dessert after cold stone ice cream, and Yogen Fruz is definitely up there! Love the variety of toppings and frozen yoghurt flavours. My mom complained that the yoghurt wasn't sweet enough but it was ok to me. Added in lots of kiwi and strawberries (my fav) and it was yummy!

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