Noodle Shack

Your Authentic Traditional Chinese Noodle Expert
Noodle Shack
Noodle Shack
Your Authentic Traditional Chinese Noodle Expert
Your Authentic Traditional Chinese Noodle Expert
Cuisine: Other Chinese

Traditional Chinese noodles get better with Noodle Shack. Noodle Shack is committed to deliver a healthier choice for Chinese specialties, without MSG, artificial flavouring, and preservatives, and less oil and salt. A list of their delicious and healthy Chinese noodles includes Traditional Mian Fen Guo (soup), Seaweed & Egg Fen Guo, Salted Fish Dry Noodle, Bean Curd with Bean Pasta Sauce (side dish). What’s more, they have an assortment of fresh, hand-picked Chinese teas like Premium Tie Guan Yin and Fermented Puer. Apart from their delicious meals, Noodle Shack offers a warm and comfortable dining experience with Chinese-inspired interior decorations, which has helped Noodle Shack make waves throughout all races. Dine away with no regrets at Noodle Shack. Other outlets can be found at Ikano Power Centre and Setia City Mall. Opens daily at 9.30am - 10pm.

  • Pork-Free
  • Wifi Not Available
  • Valet Parking Available
  • Smoking Facilities Not Available
  • Vegetarian Dishes Available
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Noodle Shack @ Ikano Power Centre (IPC) Review
Famous spot for healthy meals..

I love their foods. Its simple, tasty and healthy. What more canIi say? A fan of their Sambal Chilli Shrimps Noodle and Stuffed Tofu with Bean Paste Sauce. These two dishes are definitely my favourite. Since the restaurant is located in IPC, you can bet that is always packed, especially during the weekends. SO, better be early or you have to wait to be seated. hehe. Me? I always end up tapao the food.

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